CAL-one mini

CAL-one mini

Semi-automatic three- or four-section calendar glueing machine – speed up the production to more than 400 calendars per hour

Automate the process of wall calendar gluing!


More than 400 calendars per hour


Cold or hot-melt glue


Manufactured in the European Union


Built on the basis of 4 years of experience in implementing CAL-one 1000

The perfect solution for medium volumes


CAL-one mini is built on the basis of years of experience in implementing the full automatic CAL-one 1000.

It will accelerate the production of three- or four-sections calendars 3-4 times, reducing the unit cost of calendar production.

It will allow building competitive advantage thanks to the possibility of using modern technologies of digital printing and finishing – foiling, UV spot-varnishing, or shape cutting.

Automatic calendar backs feeder


The machine is equipped with a feeder with enough room for a stack of over 8 cm of calendar backs.

The maximum length of a calendar back and a ready calendar is 102 cm.

The calendar backs are picked by suction cups so the machine picks up various media accurately.

Podajnik blatow

Calendar glueing

The calendar backs are aligned and then run in a stable manner through the entire machine.

The applied solutions ensure a high level of repeatability and the highest standards of quality of the end product.

Spray nozzle applies glue on desired places on the calendar back – depending on the version: dispersion glue or hot-melt (hot-melt gives the possibility to glue in the calendar head).

Manual positioning of calendars

Calendars are inserted manually by the operator.

Adjustable guides allow to precisely glue in the calendars (and possibly a calendar head) – in a repeatable, stable manner.

Calendar delivery

Calendars are gently placed on the stacker.

The 240mm stacking height allows to stack approximately 150 finished calendars.

Available configurations





(Preo Mini melter)



(pneumatic system)

Glueing stations



3 calendar pads


4 calendar pads


3 calendar pads and head

only with hot-melt

(each opption can support 1 and 2 calendar pads)

* Choose one, appropriate option for you

Technical specification

CAL-one mini
Calendar gluing output – three-part more than 400 pcs / hour
Calendar gluing output – three-part with a head more than 400 pcs / hour (2 operators)
Minimum back width 110 mm
Maximum back width 350 mm
Feeder capacity 80 mm
Minimum block width without limits
Maximum block width 350 mm
Dimensions 1200 x 1220 x 2160 mm
Power supply 230V 50 Hz (400V with hot-melt melter)
Cal One

See also CAL-one 1000​

Full automatic device glueing more than 1000 calendars per hour


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