Automatic cutting-creasing plotter with feeder – iEcho PK

iECHO PK series automatic digital cutting plotter, is an intelligent digital cutting system designed for graphic, advertising, printing/packaging, sign graphics sample making and short run production. iECHO advanced 6-axis high speed motion control system, can perform fast and accurate process like through cutting, kiss-cut, creasing, dotted cut, perforation, marking etc., all functions on one machine. The model is equipped with automatic feeding system, HD vision positioning system with CCD Camera, to realize fully automatic production. It can assist
customers to produce easily precise, innovative, unique, high quality value added product in limited time and space. 

Processing materials: cardboard, gray board, corrugated board, honeycomb board, PP board, PVC, EVA, EPE, rubber etc.

  • Integrated design: the machine adopts an integral welding frame, ergonomically designed and small size. the smallest model occupies 2 sqm. Wheels make it easy to move around.
  • Only 230V single-phase electricity required, a vacuum suction system is used to fix material on the table during the cut.
  • Automatic loading device: It can automatically load material sheets on the cutting table continuously, material stack up to 120mm (400pcs cardboard of 250g).
  • The conveyor belt automatically sends finished material to the collecting area.
  • Equipped with an electric oscillating Tool(EOT), it can cut material up to 6mm, enable to the process of variable materials.
  • Pneumatic creasing tool, tool pressure up to 4 kg, creasing clear and easy to bend. Card paper more than 400g can be processed.
  • Equipped with two graphic cutting tool(Drag knife), separate cutting pressure and depth can be set, which makes operation much convenient when change cutting materials frequently.
  • Three types of tools are available and they can be switched automatically by the system.
  • High precision vision registration system (CCD): with a high-resolution CCD camera, it can realize accurate contour cutting on different materials.
  • Software is easy to operate, one click to start.



Models PK and PK PLUS – two models optimal for your production

PK Head

Two graphic tools (drag or mark)
One creasing tool (exchangeable with V-shape knife)


Two graphic tools (drag or mark)
One creasing tool (exchangeable with V-knife)
One electric oscillating tool(EOT)


Graphic tool:Mainly using for vinyl (label material) cutting, positioning process materials precisely, by tool nose position adjustment. Strike top layer materials precisely without breaking bottom materials at high speed. 5 levels for tool pressing force control, maximum pressing force 4KG.

The Creasing tool for cardboard, corrugated board and other materials. Different creasing
wheel to get the best processing results. Maximum pressure is 4KG.

Can be exchanged with “V grooving” / V-shape knife – 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30° or 45°


Electric Oscillating Tool (EOT): It cuts the material by high-frequency vibration of the DC motor, which is suitable for cutting medium-density materials. With various blades, it can process different materials, minimum of 1.5mm arc can be cut.

High precision vision registration system (CCD)

With high definition CCD camera, it can make automatic and accurate registration contour cutting of various printed materials, to avoid manual positioning and printing error, for simple and accurate cutting. Multiple positioning method can meet different materials processing demands, to fully guarantee the cutting accuracy.
● Dot/ cross mark
● Backside CCD registration cutting.
● Edge-scanning positioning cutting: To make positioning contour cutting on printed materials by scanning material edges.

Auto feeder is a great solution for automated production

Optional computer for PK Plus

Optional roll feeder (also available option unwinder-rewinder)


PK0604 and PK0604 PLUS cutting size 600mm x 400mm:

PK0705 and PK0705 PLUS cutting size 750mm x 530mm:

NEW- PK1209 PRO MAX – cutting size 1200mm x 900mm:

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